A word about my Barcamp posts

If you know me, then you know that I have both a math and art background.  I used to be a webmaster, and I was a co-founder of a company that did java development for telephony companies and one that built middleware for mobile applications.  So even though I make my living as a brand consultant and usually fill this blog with musings on branding and the occasional mention of an art show, I still consider the Atlanta Internet technology scene to be part of my turf.   Barcamp Atlanta is an extraordinary event that is happening this weekend at Ga Tech’s ATDC building.  It is the secind year in a row, and I did last year what I am doing this year – trying to capture a little flavor of the event by writing some blog entries on the spot.   The writing style is much more extemporaneous than my usual posts, and probably has a higher percentage of typos and grammar crimes.  Forgive me. Indulge me,  I think this is an important event.   It is at place like these that nascent technologies can start to find their foundation, can start to spread to the bright and creative technologists who can turn them into cool companies and even revolutions in how we communicate.  The reportage here is rough around the edges for sure, and woefully incomplete, but if this stuff interests you, seek out the tag barcampatl, or barcampatl08 around the web.   You may find that there is an interesting spirit and some cool concepts floating around this event.

Not in Atlanta?  Then check out barcamp.org and see if there is one happening in a city near you.

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