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David Cohen Company Overview

Don’t rely on a first impression. Understand your difference.

Why be different? Tell your story.

How are you different? Understand difference through context.

Context continued. Exploring how frames change opportunity.

Focus – energy, attention and action.

About 350 doodles in 30 seconds.

If the drawings on this website and in this video make you grin why not share one? I added a free ecard system so you could send “doodlegrams” to anyone you’d like to share a smile with. Just look for the words Send as eCard below any of my doodles on the blog.

More free stuff coming soon!

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    My blog is chock full of doodle artwork, happy thoughts, and occasional musings on marketing, branding, creativity and life. This machine speaks for love

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  • David Cohen

    Hi! I created Equation Arts so I could work with you, because you happen to be awesome and more people need to know it!

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    Listen to the most recent episodes of my weekly podcast: The Be A Beacon Show This machine speaks for love
  • Free eBooks

    It was an honor to contribute to these eBooks. They are yours for free.

    The #40in240 Project

    Todd Schnick curated 40 life lessons from 40 contributors.

    Dreams Really Do Come True

    Jamie Ridler gathered inspiring stories of dreams coming true.

    Kicking Fear's Ass

    Another Todd Schnick project - all about facing and overcoming fear.

    Just right-click on the images to download the eBooks in pdf format.