Testimonials from some wonderful people.

Fabeku Fatunmise“It’s amazing. I went in not knowing at all what to expect and it was really one of the coolest things I’ve ever done ever for my business.”

~Fabeku Fatunmise – Business Awesomizer | Suck Exorcist | Sonic Alchemist, www.fabeku.com


rossoscarknight150x150“David, I wanted you to know how truly life changing our time spent together was for me. It really was. The sessions helped me to focus on what really matters. Instead of meeting with the wrong people, I have begun to build positive lasting relationships that fit my future goals.”

~Ross Oscar Knight – Photographer | Artist | Photoculturalist, www.rossoscarknight.com

Chris Zydel“When it comes to receiving intuitve wisdom about my life from outside of myself, I’m kind of a junkie. I love getting tarot and astrology readings, I’ve had my palm analyzed and I regularly pull oracle cards. So when I had the opportunity to get a Doodles to Noodle, doodle reading from David Cohen I jumped at the chance. And was completely and utterly blown away by the whole experience.

David has a huge hearted capacity to truly, deeply listen. And he is also a wizard who can take what he has heard and magically transform it into a delightful, whimsical one of a kind work of art that is like a mini-stained glass window into your soul. The thing that really amazed me once I got the doodles, was that he portrayed things that I don’t even remember saying, but that were so freaking RIGHT ON!

He was able to hear me on some subterranean level and pull out these developing pieces of my inner world and present them to me as talismans, beacons, spiritual art breadcrumbs that I can follow and grow into on my journey into becoming more wildly and fully myself.

The doodles are not only incredibly powerful guiding totems, but are also simply gorgeous as pieces of art. I have mine framed and kept in a place in my home where I can see them every day as joyful reminders of where I am going and who I really am at the deepest level of my being.”

~Chris Zydel – Creativity Mentor, Owner, Creative Juices Arts.

Lisa D'Alessio“My sneakerdoodles have become my Shoes of Power. Seriously. I put them on, and I feel different: more connected, more in touch, more awesome. C’mon, you say, they are just shoes! But they are more than just shoes. These sneakerdoodles were created JUST FOR ME. They are filled with images of my theme (LOVE) and when I put them on, I can feel all the love that went into their creation. They were jointly created: my thoughts, David’s skills, and together, we created this super cool work of art that I get to wear every day. I am not a shoe person…but I LOVE these shoes!”

~Lisa D’Alessio – Owner, Massage Medica.

Leila Lloyd-Evelyn“David Cohen’s doodles: All evidence (so far as I have experienced it) points to the fact that David’s doodles hold healing properties. They increase endorphins and greatly enhance your potential… to fall in love… with life, the universe, your sweet-self, rabbits and quite possibly any magical beings that dance your way.”

~Leila Lloyd-Evelyn, Energy Practitioner, Social Media Artist.

 Caitlín Mowbray“I adore your doodles… I swear looking at those bunnies lowers my blood pressure, calms my mind and makes me smarter. Who needs meditation when there are bunnies?”

~Caitlín Mowbray – Meditation Teacher, Astrologer and Soul Provocateur

Tara Swiger“Doing a session with David was gentle and curious and oh-so-enlightening.

It wasn’t until it was over that I realized he wasn’t telling me what I *should* do or what *he* thought I needed to do: he was very purposefully guiding me to my own true expression of what I’m doing in the world.

Getting off the phone, I was all abuzz. I knew how to share my mission. I could see clearly what needed shifting in my current business.

It’s like my lantern had a film on it and through gentle inquiry, David helped me clean it off. When we were done, my light was shining, my mission was glowing and I was ready to share it.”

~Tara Swiger, Writer and Teacher, TaraSwiger.com

“I love the heck outta these bunnies!”

~Tracy Kingery, Jewelry Designer, Owner, The Juiciest.

Mary Garvey“I recently ordered some marvelous art from David Doodleslice Cohen and am completed thrilled with my purchase! Not only are the fantastic pieces I received infused with magic, whimsey and delight but the delivery was sent promptly and with extra care.”

~Mary Garvey, Shimmering Sister Healing Arts.

Nadia BilchikDavid Cohen’s branding process is invaluable. He has been brilliant in helping me crystallize my thinking, my brand and my message. His vast experience in all arenas of social media has exposed me to numerous business opportunities. David’s services have been an integral part of my success.

~Nadia Bilchik, Editorial Producer at CNN and Owner, Greater Impact Communication

Laurie FoleyDavid’s genius is helping people realize that they already have a brand and encouraging them to learn how to consciously embrace it and use it as a vital tool for marketing their services. His Whole Brand Thinking technique is wonderfully thorough and fun to explore. He first caught my attention as a speaker where I couldn’t take notes fast enough during his presentation. I highly recommend David for one-on-one consulting and as a compelling speaker who knows how to connect with a group.

~Laurie Foley, Online Business & Marketing Coach, Laurie Foley, Inc.

Rebecca Leigh“Bloody hell David! How do you keep asking stuff that makes me want to twirl, squeal with delight, throw-up and faint at the same time?!?!”

~Rebecca Leigh, Owner, Smartfresh Writing

Michael FlintWhen I first met David Cohen, my first impression was that he was a low-key, highly intelligent contributor to others. Upon deeper examination, my impressions grew to include that he seemed to delve heavily into a subject matter to honor those he conversed with on a higher level.
Since that time, my impressions have grown into a knowledge. I have witnessed first hand that Mr. Cohen’s passions are ignited when helping and serving others. He is a MASTER teacher, and does so using metaphors, stories, and examples from his own life and others to connect the listener intellectually and emotionally to the subject matter. I have been lucky enough to have David look at my life, and how I am living it, and he has created an awareness in me that has resonated into my business as well as my personal life. I feel blessed indeed to call David Cohen a mentor, a colleague, and most importantly: my friend. I have recommended EVERY single participant at the Meeting of the Big Minds have council with him, and I personally guarantee that time with David and Equation Arts is time well spent indeed. Thank you David for the contributions you have made to the world….and for the yet realized contributions you have yet to make.

~Michael Flint, VP Education and Programming, International Business Academies LTD

Melissa GaltDavid is a true creative talent, gifted and seeing what I could not as I was stranded in the forest, unable to see the trees! His insights were on target and laser sharp. He is wonderfully supportive, accessible, and authentic in his service. I look forward to working with him going forward and recommend him entirely when your Brand needs a Therapist!

~Melissa Galt Coach | Speaker | Author

Mark Rayburn“David possesses a rare blend of creative, strategic, and analytical skills. His art/math education is a telltale sign. David’s keen insights, fecund imagination, and thoughtful advice have been invaluable to me. He is a good listener, great sounding board, and never fails to help provide clarity and focus.”

~Mark Rayburn, CEO, DemandVoice

Michael MendenhallDavid is energetic and very knowledgeable. His guidance has helped Assured Installation Services focus our energy on areas that are growing our business.
David is very professional, yet personable as well. I highly recommend David and his services.

~Michael Mendenhall, CEO Assured Installation Services

Brian Stupp“David spoke to our group of executives on personal branding, and the importance of being differentiated. As a Brand Marketing professional, I was impressed with the how David leveraged the strength of proven Brand building strategies and exercises; carrying them over into the core of successful Personal Brand building. David is truly and expert, motivator and facilitator in driving successful results for his audience and clients. I recommend David to anyone who is either searching for their next opportunity, or independent consultants who want to learn more about how to stand out.”

~Brian Stupp, Director of Marketing, Harden Manufacturing

Terry DavidsonDavid, made me think and helped me grow. His direction and focus helped kick off our 2010 in a big way! If you want to be heard above the Marketing Noise” David will help you develop your loudspeaker!

~Terry Davidson, Chief Thought Officer, Digital Pictureworks

Frank HarrisI heard David speak at a networking meeting and it was clear that he had a keen understanding of Branding. But, David is the first person who could clearly translate the business concept to ones personal brand. During a recent job search I used David’s recommendations on the three “Rs” of branding and coupled it with his tactical suggestions to use social media. He has a deep knowledge of how to put social media to work for enhancing your brand. The result was a new career in my chosen field. Don’t just listen to David’s advice, put it into action.

~Frank Harris, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, NPDP at NP Learning, LLC

Travis LeviusDavid Cohen is a trailblazer in the truest sense. His greatest strength is providing people with quality services, whether through his brand therapy, consulting, or artistic contributions. I was personally moved with his advice to “Tell your story” with your brand- it help change my approach to business and I am better because of his wisdom. Highly recommended.

~Travis Levius, Founder, Photographer & Writer, MisterLevius.com

Tori PressDavid Cohen is an incredible, naturally talented brand strategist and consultant. In a world where there are literally hundreds of viable options for marketing and growing a business, David’s services should absolutely be any company’s first step.

We’ve all heard the aphorism “know thyself,” and we know the power self-realization has in our lives. Equation Arts lends that same power to businesses. The intensive, thorough, and highly creative work David does is unparalleled; it puts a spotlight on a company’s purpose, clarifying its message and its brand. A brand is the foundation upon which the entire marketing skyscraper will be built, and Equation Arts lays a rock-solid one.

~Tori Press, Principal, Red Queen Studios

Brian BallI never had an appreciation for the techniques around and the power of creating an appropriate Personal/Business Brand until I met David. As both a left and right brain thinker, David is able to help his clients create a very balanced approach to creating their brand that communicates a broad awareness of the value they can bring to their clients. Part social interaction therapist and internet/social media expert, David is an expert communicator that will take whatever time is required to educate his clients – unusual behavior in an economic environment where most are focused on “completing a transaction”.

~Brian Ball, Owner & CEO, B.J. Ball & Associates, LLC

Karen WadeDavid has an amazing ability to detect the thread of a brand identity through the twists and turns of an entrepreneur’s personal and professional story. He was also not afraid to nudge me out of my comfort zone. He did so artfully, and is a pleasure to have as a thought partner.

~Karen Wade, Ph.D., Owner at Karen Wade Associates

Keith WarrickI had the opportunity to hear David speak on the importance in the 21st century of personal branding especially in a social media age.

David is a branding maven! It was evident by every point he made about it that he is indeed a leading expert on the subject. He lays it all out and tells one of the proper steps he must take in order to be successful at creating a brand message and maintaining it in a favorable light and what can happen if it falls into disfavor in our internet era.

I highly recommend David for any personal or corporate strategic branding strategy – he is the master!

~Keith Warrick, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications at Greater Atlanta IIBA

Barry JenkinsWow! David’s delivery of his Personal Branding presentation was creative, memorable, personable, and well researched. So impressive, I am asking for his assistance with my personal brand.

~Barry Jenkins, Board Member at Talent Management magazine Human Capital Executive Research Board
Global Talent Management Specialist at AGCO Corporation

Cherith HarrisonIn a short period of time David has helped me make some deep inroads into developing my personal brand. He has a way of helping you see yourself through a different, and powerful lens.

Thanks David!

~Cherith Harrison, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at Calvert Investments

John KirkDavid Cohen did a terrific job pulling together the brand positioning for J Phillip Partners. His Whole Brand Thinking approach was thorough, and also surprisingly enjoyable. Not only do I feel better equipped to approach future marketing projects, but going through the process has made it possible for me to address strategic decisions for my company with a deeper connection to our core strengths and values. I would highly recommend David Cohen and Equation Arts to any company leaders or individuals seeking to strengthen the foundation of their branding.

~John Kirk, CEO, J Phillip Partners

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