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Hey! Stickers!

Just a quick post to shout out some love for my favorite sticker printing company, Sticker Mule!

I use Sticker Mule all the time when my creative alter ego, Doodleslice, wants stickers, buttons, or magnets to promote my art. They are also a fabulous choice when you want to make stickers of a logo to promote the brand of your company.

They are a super helpful company to work with: they turnaround proofs in record time, and the quality of the printing is top-notch. I have also had several orders arrive three to four days early than estimated, which is amazing. They really do seem to care about their customers and they often have promotions on new products and old favorites. Below are just a few of the items I have used them for – oh and their hot sauce is delicious!

Astrobunny Buttons
Devil Dude Holographic stickers
Hey Bunny!
Love is my Superpower buttons
Nested Bun Buns sticker
And of course, my mascot, the Hug At Me Bro bunny!

So what are you waiting for? How about a $10 credit for your first order? Yeah it’s a sponsored link, but so what? It’s a sweet deal with an awesome company. Love me some Sticker Mule!

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule
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The book is available! Color Me With Hugs!

Cover Color Me With Hugs by Doodleslice

Color Me With Hugs is my first book!

It took me two years to put together this whimsical collection of 44 poems paired with 44 drawings.

The words and images are playful, and evocative of childhood, but this coloring + poetry book is intended to delight adults and children alike.

The book is brimming with animals, people, picnics, unicorns, turtles, love, umbrellas, giraffes, elephants, flying saucers, rabbits, and astronauts — in fact some of the rabbits are astronauts!

It is a book of light and lyrical poems. Some evoke a sense of wonder, some tell a story, others simply indulge in the pleasures of magical nonsense.

It is my hope that grown ups and kids can both find something to cherish in these pages filled with joy and love.

The book is available now on Amazon and select locations around Atlanta.

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Whole Brand Thinking™ with sQuishiepuss

I’ve recently embarked on a fascinating journey taking local Atlanta artist Ray Geier, aka sQuishiepuss through my Whole Brand Thinking™ coaching process.

He’s calling the series “Discovering Myself with Doodleslice” and so far we’ve recorded parts 1, 2, and 2.5.

This is an in depth discussion that probes into Ray’s origin and several other contributing factors that are actively shaping his brand. The goal of the process is to give Ray more insights into his own personal drivers and to develop a clearer story as a result.

So far we’ve recorded almost 4 hours of conversation, split into three videos, recorded in two sessions. That puts us at about the halfway point so watch for more content to come in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, here are the videos so far:
Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 1
Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 2
Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 2.5

And be sure to subscribe to Ray’s sQuishiepuss Youtube Channel to stay up to date on new Hellion’s podcasts!

You can also listen in to sQuishiepuss on iTunes!

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I visited Hellions with sQuishiepuss!

I had a great time visiting with Atlanta artist Ray Geier, better known around town as sQuishiepuss. Besides being an awesome artist, Ray has started a video channel called Hellions, which is his forum for interviewing other artists, talking about the creative life, and giving straightforward talk about the business of being an artist.

Check out the show and Ray’s art, and be sure to subscribe to his channel!

Also, you may not know, Ray and I collaborated on a painting, which is for sale in Ray’s webshop – check it out!

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Instagram – October 25, 2015 at 10:39PM

from Instagram:
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The Doodleslice Doodle Manifesto

Stultorum Calami Carbones 2014-01-22

I wrote this about a month ago originally thinking that it might be about four or five items in length. It’s now up to 37 and counting.

The Doodleslice Doodle Art Manifesto

1) Lines are movements, let them dance.
2) Accidents are beautiful.
3) Overworked is the enemy.
4) Over-thought is the enemy.
5) Smiles and laughter are not just important, they are noble, elevating, aesthetic experiences.
6) Respect the integrity of your chosen media, embrace the quirks of your chosen media.
7) Experiment!
8) Practice acceptance.
9) Respond!
10) Improvise!
11) Let people see what you make especially the pieces that make you nervous.
12) Art is Love for everybody.
13) We make art on Earth. We are Earthlings one and all and only one planet is open for business.
14) Choose Mudita over Schadenfreude.
15) Glory in color.
16) Strive to bring the feeling of color even when using only a black pen on white paper.
17) Even a single line can be beautiful.
18) Even a single line can be profound.
19) Your hand knows its business – don’t be too swift to judge it when it surprises you.
20) Doodling is openness to the essential.
21) When in doubt, draw a bird.
22) When in doubt, draw a bunny.
23) When in doubt, write a word in the middle of the page. Love is a great word to choose.
24) Believe in every line you draw.
25) When in doubt, be simple and spare.
26) When in doubt, be complex and turbulent.
27) When in doubt about starting, make a single random mark on the canvas or page.
28) When in doubt about finishing, stop and walk away. If you’re not finished you’ll know it when you come back.
29) Poems love doodles and doodles love poems.
30) Grownups deserve art that is joyful without being jaded, mawkish, ironic or saccharine. They need it at least as much as kids do.
31) Give yourself permission to put your whole heart into what you do.
32) Give yourself permission to love the silly, the whimsical, the absurd.
33) Hug unreservedly.
34) When in doubt, draw!
35) When certain, draw!
36) Draw! Draw! Draw!
37) And don’t forget to post.

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