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Zigging over Zag

I just reread Zag: The Number One Strategy of High-Performance Brands, a terrific book for anyone who wants to know more about how to build a brand. The author, Marty Neumeier is absolutely brilliant at communicating the concepts that make for a successful brand.  He also provides some incredible, nuanced insights into the nature of customer loyalty – an understanding that customer loyalty begins by being loyal to your customers and is only truly acheived after the customers have gone through a process of their own. They begin with a mere acquaintance with your brand, become a customer, and eventually reach a state where they begin to feel they deserve the loyalty they are being consistently given by your company.  At that point the loyalty becomes a two-way street because a “belonging” mindset has been achieved.  However if loyalty is not what you are consistently giving your customers you will be teaching them other behaviors and a very different mindset toward your company.

What are you teaching your customers?

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Arthur G. Schoeck – TTI Trainer of the Year

Just wanted to give a shout out to one of my clients: Data Dome‘s founder and CEO, Art Schoeck, was just named by Target Training International (TTI) as their recipient of the prestigious Trainer of the Year Award!
He was picked from over 7000 DISC training experts spread across 50 countries – kudos Art!

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Love Letters

Have you ever written a love letter? You know, that perfectly crafted, written and re-written missive intended to communicate the depth and sincerity of your affection? Not just the simple “I love you” greeting card, but a serious Cyrano-esque, sophisticated dispatch on fancy-shmancy paper? Of course you have, but have you ever sent one to your customer?

It’s a business cliche, “we love our customers”, but how do you show that love? Is it in your pricing? Your products? Your quality? What do you love your clients for? Their loyalty? Their referrals? Their zany customer service calls? Do they know how you love them? Can you express all the little nothings you do to make their lives easier? Their applications simpler? Their teeth brighter? Their apples shinier?

Why not sit down and write a love letter to your customers? You may find out a little more about yourself and your business.

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