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the quiet celebration #doodle

2012-12-07 #1639
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The wrong post – I made myself write

Ok, I admit it, this one is a force. A bit of sheer will applied to the keyboard. It’s been almost a month since my last post and that’s just not how long I want to go between posts so I’m giving myself a guilt trip. Or maybe it’s an ego trip. You see I […]
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Harry told me, Work is Personal

Have you ever been in a bookstore and just felt drawn to a book like a magnet? Yesterday, I had just finished a meeting in a bookstore coffee shop, so before heading back to the car I thought I would do a little title scanning – one of my favorite hobbies. As I patrolled the […]
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When the wiring goes wrong – a cat’s tale.

She’s intense, willful, dangerously stealthy, surprisingly clumsy, endearing, ponderous, and difficult to ignore. She’s Ally the cat – one of two that share our home. Ally is sweet and cuddly and a contender for most annoying cat of the year. But it is only because she’s nuts. Something’s wrong in her wiring. Some primordial instinct […]
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Endearing imperfections

The world is not a perfect place – a quick glance at any newspaper, newsfeed, news site, or newscast will provide ample confirmation for that idea, but so what? Where else are you going to live? The world is not perfect, and neither is your spouse, sibling, parent, friend, child, or pet, but we love […]
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Love, brands and forgiveness

Doubtless there are tons of marketers spending heaps of time, money and resources toward trying to make their brands lovable. Sadly, many of these efforts fall far short of that lofty goal and at best achieve a temporary state of likability. Cool features, great packaging, witty ads, attractive pricing are all dutifully studied, discussed, reviewed […]
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