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Left Brain meets Right Brain

Seriously, ever since I was a kid I’ve been a logical dreamer. I hated finger painting, but loved Lego and crayons, construction paper and math problems. I thought math was entertainment until I got to calculus. I’ve taken many assessments and brain dominance graphs over the years and I always score smack in the middle between left-brain dominance and right-brain dominance. That means I can soar in the ethereal world of metaphors and visual imagery and then shift gears into step-by-step logical thinking. I’m as likely to use a spreadsheet as a visualizing tool as I am to use magic markers and a sketchbook.

Art, Logic, Business, Technology, Imagination

David Cohen, Brand Therapist

David S. Cohen is a creative start-up veteran experienced in defining technology vision and product strategy for software and service companies in a wide range of industries. His entrepreneurial mindset and practical approach have led to the successful launch of numerous products and services including: unified messaging, web-based access to personal health-care information, alerting and notification applications, content transformation for wireless devices, mobile applications for CRM and SFA, VoiceXML-based IVR infrastructure services, and ruggedized solutions for field service. He is experienced in fund-raising, business planning, market strategy, product launches, pricing, brand creation, search engine optimization, differentiation analysis, product definition, and start-up coaching.

The artist who became a technology marketer

David also brings an artist’s eye and creativity to his work. He is the author and illustrator of Color Me With Hugs, a collection of poems and drawings for grown ups and kids who like to color. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Atlanta. His award-winning web design and user interface work has been displayed in articles in PC Magazine and Internet World and used as an example in the book Dynamic HTML Black Book for his innovative use of dynamic content. He has led creative teams on co-branded projects with CompuServe, The Weather Channel, Erols, Bigfoot,, Polygram, and American Express.

Let’s get connected

For more about David visit his Story Tuning page at, or his Internet radio show, Be a Beacon – Personal Branding with David Cohen.

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David is also an occasional guest on Connect Grow Profit Radio – a program hosted by Kathy Smart and syndicated on BlogTalk Radio.

Radio spots:

10/8/2007 – Connect -Grow – Profit Becoming the Ambassador of your Brand

10/8/2007 – Connect -Grow – Marketing for Small Businesses

Weekly Podcast
Be a Beacon: Personal Branding with David Cohen

Available for Speaking and Coaching

David Cohen is also available for speaking engagements and for exclusive one-on-one coaching. Please fill out the contact form to find out more about having David speak to your organization or to apply for a coaching session.

“David Cohen spoke recently at a career networking event on Personal Branding. He is an excellent presenter and delivered his material with great clarity. His style is relaxed, engaging and he commands respect as a subject expert.

The audience was unanimous in its praise of David. I highly recommend him as a speaker for executive or professional branding.”

~Mark Radke, Principal, Edge Healthcare Consulting

“Hi Mr. Cohen,

My name is Katie Baker, and I am a student at Georgia State University. On Thursday, February 24, you gave an incredible presentation to my Professional Sales Marketing class. I just wanted to thank you for your time, and genuine passion for educating myself and fellow students about personal branding. I learned a lot about what I should be doing to give the best impression of myself. Not even hours later, I was updating my profile, professional pages, and resume to reflect what I had learned. I also participated in a career fair today, and I utilized some tips from your speech. Thank you again for your time.


Katie S. Baker
Student-Business Economics
J. Mack Robinson College of Business”

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