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The Everest Question

There is a difference between getting great advice and getting the great advice that helps you get to where you want to go.  The key is to ask your Everest question. So what’s the Everest question?  Let me explain.  I could walk up to you and say, “I’m 44 and I want to climb Mt. […]
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New Workshop – Social Media Sales Impact

  Well I’m excited to announce a new workshop – I’ve teamed up with Nadia Bilchik, Barb Giamanco and Troy Johnson to put together a special program.  We’re calling it Social Media Sales Impact.  The idea is to take the participants through a half  day process involving concepts for better content development, conversational impact, connection […]
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Hugs, Punches and Business Communications

What does a hug feel like? It is a simple thing to do – the instructions are short: Person A and Person B embrace and then separate – duration varies, sighs are optional. What could be simpler? But this action belies a richness of emotion. The complexity of expression a hug can convey is enormous, […]
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Seeking relevance

A recent  post by my pal, Sherry Heyl, The Future of the Web (is not Twitter!), got me thinking once again about relevance. Sherry aptly pointed out that the tools of communication are always evolving, but the pace of evolution (and revolution) of those tools continues to increase. The Internet isn’t a single form of […]
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