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One day when this website is all grown up I’ll have a fancy-cool gallery-shopping thingamajig designed to dazzle you into an art buying frenzy. Until that day I’m relying on some other sites to help make it easy for you to take that special doodle feeling home with you.

I’ve recently started putting some things on Redbubble including some of my new “percolated” images. I hope you’ll check them out:

David Doodleslice Cohen on Redbubble

I have T-SHIRTS!

I have a store located at to sell T-shirts and other items with some of my designs. That way you can pick out options like style, size and color.

And there is so much more in the shop at

Thank you so much!
Your support means the world to me – you’re helping make the world a better place one smile at a time.