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"Don't be humble, you're not good enough."

No, I’m not picking on you, I’m quoting an old mentor of mine, Archie Rand. Archie is an artist and teacher and walking encyclopedia of art history (and music history for that matter). I don’t know if the line is his originally, but it is a gem I’ve hung on to for over 17 years, […]
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Borrow a brain or two

Today a friend and I had an exhilarating and stimulating afternoon helping another friend rethink his business plan.  When we were done with that, we turned the focus on a presentation that I am putting together for a client.  We ate pizza.  We talked. We argued. We laughed.  And we got a lot of work […]
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Sometimes they just fly by

As anyone who writes a blog knows, it doesn’t matter what tool you use, be it WordPress, or Blogger, LiveJournal or TypePad, we all must face one inescapable truth – that blog is a hungry little beastie and no matter how much content we feed it, it always wants more.  Neglect it for a week […]
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About my Barcamp Atlanta posts

This is just a quick note to anyone confused by the flurry of posts I’ve put online recently.  Barcamp Atlanta was a two day event hosted at the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech.  It was a great event gather approximately 100 hundred computer programmers, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors, and web developers.  The […]
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Not-Live from Barcamp – Day 2 – Session 6 [for me] Future of Democracy – Social Media

Presenter: Tim Moenk OK at this point I was getting tired — hitting the Barcamp ceiling for information absorption.  Also the room was packed and awkward for typing in so here’s a post-session recap: Tim presents some thoughts on the quad-umverate of Social Software, Gaming, Law, and UI.  Basically he contends that the increasing wave […]
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Live from Barcamp – Day 2 – Session 5 [for me] Facebook apps 101

Presenter: Sandro Turriate Whoa! – a real presentation with slides and everything! The paraphrase: Sandro new to facebook, relatively. It’s a platform — you write plug-ins It’s viral.  There is some funding happening, it’s easy to install. 3 steps to app interaction: 1. Facebook contacts appserver 2. App server uses facebook api 3. App server […]
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