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Simplicity Made Simple

John Maeda is remarkable. He is a designer, computer scientist,  and spokesperson for all things simple. He is the author of a wonderful little book called “The Laws of Simplicity.“  Why is it wonderful?  Why is he remarkable? Well, anyone who would in print (see p.89) accuse a rugby team (and I say this as […]
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Protecting your price

No, I’m not talking about consumers locking in the lowest price. This is about you resisting the gravitational pull of commodification by taking proactive steps to protect the price of the goods and services you produce. Pricing is an important part of the marketing process and one that most companies do not take lightly.  Price […]
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Thought for (the end of) the day

To quote John Maeda (who may well have been quoting someone else), “At the end of the day, there is an end of the day.” I just love that phrase.  It reminds me that time keeps moving no matter what we do, no matter how we might protest, so you should value your time and […]
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211 vs. 212

I recently read a wonderful and inspiring little book called, “212 The Extra Degree“, by S. L. Parker.  The basic premise stems from a scientific observation: At 211 degrees Fahrenheit you have very hot water, but add just one degree of temperature to reach 212 and you now have boiling water, which produces steam, which […]
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The Evolving Brand Experience

Brand Apathy Apathy + Creativity  => Interest Interest + Differentiation => Meaning Meaning + Value => Purchase Purchase + Service  => Loyalty Loyalty + Community =>  Fanatics Brand Fanatics Creativity is the weapon that disrupts the state of apathy to create a moment of interest.  This moment, however is fleeting and can only be extended […]
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