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Are you nodding in agreement or just nodding off?

I’ve posted here before about being the Ambassador of your Brand, but I thought that Seth Godin made a nice point in his blog today (big surprise) that tied in neatly with the concept.  In his post, entitled Always on (everybody markets), he points out that how you act throughout your day, is in itself […]
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I didn't finger-paint

When I was just a little tyke I became somewhat notorious for saying what I didn’t do. It all began when I was queried by my father at the dinner table one evening about what I had done that day in pre-K. I am told that without hesitation I exclaimed that “I didn’t finger-paint!”, and […]
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On the air again

Well, I’m delighted to report that I’ve been invited to sit in as a guest on Brian Blomgren’s radio show on Radio Sandy Springs 1620 AM , airing live at 10am on Monday, November 19th. Brian hosts the Business Hour every Monday when he is not busy helping Atlanta area businesses as the owner and […]
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Found while surfing: Free Rice

Not much to say, just ran across this one while surfing: Play the game, build your vocabulary and feed the hungry. Fun, educational and a good cause, that’s post-worthy in my book.
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Setting expectations

Whether we realize it or not, the actions we take are measured against expectations created by our brand. In some cases this can be a slippery slope. Consider the deliberately expectation-setting tag line for Avis car rental service, “We Try Harder” – certainly this phrase leads to an assumption that the service from Avis will […]
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