You make my day!Thank goodness you’re here.

Do you know you have something special to offer, but you don’t have the words to describe it?

Do you have a candle burning inside, but maybe not know how to let others see its glow?

Do you understand the differences that are your strengths, but struggle to shine them in their best light, unable to connect with the tribe that would recognize and value you and what you offer?

When do you need a Brand Therapist?

David Doodleslice Cohen - Brand Therapist, Artist, PoetIf the opportunities you are getting aren’t exciting you, if you feel misunderstood in the market, then brand therapy might be just what you need.

As a brand therapist I’ll work with you to improve the relationship between you and your brand. Together we’ll work on how to align your aspirations with the market’s expectations.

I’ll need to get to know you.

reaching for the starsMy approach is to ask questions so I can hear you, to frame points of view so I can see you, and to create words (and sometimes pictures) so I can show you what you’ve shown me.

This approach requires discovery, honesty, openness and trust. If you’re not game for that then we probably aren’t a fit – no hard feelings, you’re still awesome.

However if you’re ready to walk this path, you’ll discover and become confident in your true inner story – the one that reveals your best self.

It’s your story, not mine.

Your job is to be open to the journey, to act on what we find together. I’ll help you by isolating and articulating the things you already know are inside you – those awesome sparks that drive you, but somehow are always so hard to describe.

We’ll build a vocabulary for understanding your patterns, your values, your superpowers. It will then be up to you to live your meaningful success, building a legacy that only you can define.

Does this feel right? Then let’s discuss some more details about brand therapy or some of the other things we can do together.


I’ve built my practice around these foundations:

  • Be like a tree: first establish a solid trunk, then you can branch.
  • Establish your context: we all have something special to offer, but we may need to change our context before it can be fully realized.
  • Be authentic: being successful means being yourself!

I’m a doodler

They call me Doodleslice. I call my art ‘doodles‘ because they are fun and spontaneous, filled with whimsy, love and happiness. But don’t be fooled by the name or the lightness of the subject – finding what fills you with joy – placing a smile in your heart – these are serious things and they are shared objectives in my art and in my brand therapy work. In fact I’ve combined elements of both worlds into a joyful journey of markers and self-discovery that I call Doodles to Noodle. But enough talk about doodles, take a peek for yourself…
[cgview id=355 num=12 order=asc tags=love size=74×74 lightbox=0]
…and if they make you smile, please let me know.


Tara Swiger“It wasn’t until it was over that I realized he wasn’t telling me what I *should* do or what *he* thought I needed to do: he was very purposefully guiding me to my own true expression of what I’m doing in the world…”

“…It’s like my lantern had a film on it and through gentle inquiry, David helped me clean it off. When we were done, my light was shining, my mission was glowing and I was ready to share it.”

~Tara Swiger, Writer and Teacher, TaraSwiger.com

Rebecca Leigh“Bloody hell David! How do you keep asking stuff that makes me want to twirl, squeal with delight, throw-up and faint at the same time?!?!”

~Rebecca Leigh, Owner, Smartfresh Writing

You can read more nice things people have said here.

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