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Disambiguate or Die

I first ran into the term “disambiguation” while hanging out with a few speech scientists at a speech technology industry conference. For them, it was serious business. When your product is speech recognition, the subtle phonetic differences between “Austin” and “Boston” can have a huge impact. Usually the fix is easy in theory, but can […]
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Diet Freskyta is the real thing?

How many products does The Coca-Cola Company offer? Well there’s Coca-Cola, of course, and it doesn’t take long to come up with Diet Coke, and Coke Zero. And if you really think hard, you might think about Caffeine Free Diet Coke, and oh yeah Vanilla Coke, so what maybe 10 or 12 brands? Would you […]
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On the Air

Well it was a great holiday weekend, and I can definitely say that the highlight for me was sitting in as a guest on Connect Grow Profit Radio. CGP Radio is an Internet radio show and podcast syndicated by and hosted by Kathy Smart, CEO of SmarterIdeas, Inc. and co-founder of International Businesss Academies. […]
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