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Be a beacon

When you are out on the water on a stormy night looking for the shore there is nothing quite so reassuring as seeing a bright, shiny beacon pointing the way to a safe harbor. Well I hate to say it, but we are in some stormy times in our economy and with the price of […]
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Ropes and Chains…

…and kinky boots.  Okay, forget the kinky part – it’s not that kind of blog.   I’ve been planning on posting something here about ropes and chains for quite some time now, but I keep letting the idea get too big in my head.  Really it is simple:  Chains are strong because the individual components, […]
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Atlanta should skip Web 2.0

I love Atlanta. I’ve been here for almost 12 years and I think it is a great city. We’ve got millions of people,  great neighborhoods, great restaurants,  a major airport, lots of free wi-fi, plenty of diverse businesses, a healthy laptop per capita ratio in any coffee shop you should happen to wander into, but […]
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"Soulful Excellence"

That’s a nice pairing of words; “soulful excellence”.  Highly evocative, together they smack of quality and emotion, like art – not clinical quality, like a spreadsheet.  So few pairings of words smack of anything so I just had to point them out.  I wish I could say they were mine, but alas credit must go […]
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