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Hey! Stickers!

Just a quick post to shout out some love for my favorite sticker printing company, Sticker Mule!

I use Sticker Mule all the time when my creative alter ego, Doodleslice, wants stickers, buttons, or magnets to promote my art. They are also a fabulous choice when you want to make stickers of a logo to promote the brand of your company.

They are a super helpful company to work with: they turnaround proofs in record time, and the quality of the printing is top-notch. I have also had several orders arrive three to four days early than estimated, which is amazing. They really do seem to care about their customers and they often have promotions on new products and old favorites. Below are just a few of the items I have used them for – oh and their hot sauce is delicious!

Astrobunny Buttons
Devil Dude Holographic stickers
Hey Bunny!
Love is my Superpower buttons
Nested Bun Buns sticker
And of course, my mascot, the Hug At Me Bro bunny!

So what are you waiting for? How about a $10 credit for your first order? Yeah it’s a sponsored link, but so what? It’s a sweet deal with an awesome company. Love me some Sticker Mule!

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule
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Whole Brand Thinking™ with sQuishiepuss

I’ve recently embarked on a fascinating journey taking local Atlanta artist Ray Geier, aka sQuishiepuss through my Whole Brand Thinking™ coaching process.

He’s calling the series “Discovering Myself with Doodleslice” and so far we’ve recorded parts 1, 2, and 2.5.

This is an in depth discussion that probes into Ray’s origin and several other contributing factors that are actively shaping his brand. The goal of the process is to give Ray more insights into his own personal drivers and to develop a clearer story as a result.

So far we’ve recorded almost 4 hours of conversation, split into three videos, recorded in two sessions. That puts us at about the halfway point so watch for more content to come in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, here are the videos so far:
Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 1
Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 2
Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 2.5

And be sure to subscribe to Ray’s sQuishiepuss Youtube Channel to stay up to date on new Hellion’s podcasts!

You can also listen in to sQuishiepuss on iTunes!

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I visited Hellions with sQuishiepuss!

I had a great time visiting with Atlanta artist Ray Geier, better known around town as sQuishiepuss. Besides being an awesome artist, Ray has started a video channel called Hellions, which is his forum for interviewing other artists, talking about the creative life, and giving straightforward talk about the business of being an artist.

Check out the show and Ray’s art, and be sure to subscribe to his channel!

Also, you may not know, Ray and I collaborated on a painting, which is for sale in Ray’s webshop – check it out!

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Be a Beacon 2013 #doodle

Be a Beacon 2013, doodle no. 1674 by doodleslice david cohen

2013-02-25 #1674

I feel like this doodle has been long overdue.

I often talk about the beacon principles on my podcast and have written about them before, but besides being a useful set of perspectives when approaching your personal branding they are also important components of my outlook as an artist. If you were to draw a great big venn diagram encompassing brand therapy and my doodle art, this “Be a Beacon” message would be a big part of the overlap.

be a beacon venn diagram

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Liquid content – a fascinating presentation from Coca Cola

Liquid content – Fascinating on multiple levels: great to see a glimpse of how Coca-Cola, the best in the world at branding, are thinking about the future of marketing content, and it is a simply gorgeous presentation.

This is part one:

and here is part two:

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Be a Beacon Show: 2012-01-09 – Cubby-holes and such

When I was younger I used to get upset when people would pigeon-hole me. I would bristle at being labeled a math nerd, or later when an art critic would lump my work in with some known and established style.

It felt dismissive and lazy to me, but I look at it differently now. People are busy. They have their own problems, their own trunk full of stuff to lug around. They don’t generally mean any harm when they put you in cubby-hole. They just don’t have the time to thoroughly examine everything and every person that they encounter.

Putting you in a box that already has a label is actually a compliment: you’ve gotten enough of their attention to at least do that. It’s now up to you to do more. If you want people to “get” you then you have to build the bridge, you have to make the connection. You have to pique their interest so they want to know more, so they start to understand your context, so they can see all your marvelous differences in high relief.

Be grateful if someone puts you in one of their mental cubbies. And use that nest as a foundation for building a relationship, but also be grateful for the information you’ve been given: the label on the slot they used to categorize you is a reflection of how they understand your message, your story, your brand.

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Listen to The Be A Beacon Show: Personal Branding with David Cohen every Monday at 10:30AM Eastern Time on Blog Talk Radio.

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