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What is the opposite of "Graceful Degradation?"

Today, you can buy a fairly swanky 22 inch LCD monitor for about $250. You’ll probably be able to get a 30 inch one of superior quality for the same price in less than two years. Goodness only knows how fast your processor will be then, or how much memory you’ll have, but the question […]
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Have a nice day 2.0

A friend of mine has taken to closing his email with statements like “I’m having a great day, because I chose that.” or “Have the day you choose.” At first it struck me as a little bit of a heavy dip into the self-help genre, but the more I thought about it, the more I […]
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The Everything Syndrome

That Swiss army knife is great, it has everything in it, and it can do just about anything — if you don’t happen to have any real tools around. The multi-tool sacrifices the ability to do any one thing great, by trying to do everything. Unfortunately, the same is true of a lot of marketing […]
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Trust: the best kind of asset

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin’s books, and on his blog he has a post entitled “No business model” which discusses how an altruistic act of managing a free community newsletter made by an online marketer has not only been helpful to a community, but has also had a positive impact on his firm’s […]
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Love Letters

Have you ever written a love letter? You know, that perfectly crafted, written and re-written missive intended to communicate the depth and sincerity of your affection? Not just the simple “I love you” greeting card, but a serious Cyrano-esque, sophisticated dispatch on fancy-shmancy paper? Of course you have, but have you ever sent one to […]
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