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I visited Hellions with sQuishiepuss!

I had a great time visiting with Atlanta artist Ray Geier, better known around town as sQuishiepuss. Besides being an awesome artist, Ray has started a video channel called Hellions, which is his forum for interviewing other artists, talking about the creative life, and giving straightforward talk about the business of being an artist.

Check out the show and Ray’s art, and be sure to subscribe to his channel!

Also, you may not know, Ray and I collaborated on a painting, which is for sale in Ray’s webshop – check it out!

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It’s an Art Show! Peachtree Hills Park and Design Within Reach

Hey there friends and doodle fans! I’m participating in an art show this Saturday, August 20th, 2011 right here in Atlanta at the Design Within Reach Studio Showroom. I hope if you’re in the area that you can drop by and say hello!

Here are the details:
Art Festival - Design Within ReachWe’re hosting more than 20 local artists for the Peachtree Hills Art Festival, which supports efforts by Friends of Peachtree Hills Park (http://www.peachtreehillsp to promote, develop, and improve Peachtree Hills Park for the community. Visit the Art Festival for inspiring gift ideas by craftmakers as they exhibit contemporary jewelry and for DWR home décor and furniture, all available for purchase. Refreshments will be served.

Peachtree Hills Park – Design Within Reach
Art Festival
August 20th, 12pm – 6pm
2541 Peachtree Road Atlanta GA, Atlanta, GA 30305 al
Phone: 404.841.2471

Featured Artists:
Grace Hawthorne – Photography
Jim Freeman – Photography
Graham Anthony – Photography
Jessica Durant – Illustrations
David Cohen – Paintings and Drawings
Bryan Lurie – Paintings
Scott Hudson – Paintings
Bob Pitt- Watercolors / Paintings
Dana Burrell – Ceramics
Halley Semo – Mosaic decor
Jim Ferguson – MixedMedia
B.J. Glick – Mixed Media / Ceramics
Roxanne Brown – Fabric handbags
Dana Osborne-Biggs- Leather handbags
Jan Cash – Jewelry
Griselda Thorpe – Jewelry / Paintings

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Doodling in the dark at TEDx Peachtree

Pamela Meyer doodle from TEDx Peachtree

Take permission to play

Today I went to the second annual TEDx Peachtree event. TEDx are locally-organized events in the spirit of the TED Conference. I thought I would try something new today and do a few doodles while actually at the event – normally I do all my doodles at home, in the doodletorium. It was fun to feed off the energy of some inspiring speakers – and a bit of a challenge since I only had a handful of markers with me and it was dark in the auditorium. I hope you enjoy, and I hope I’ll see you at a TEDx in the future!

See my 7 TEDx Peachtree doodles here.

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Talk, Talk, Talk, Draw, Draw, Draw

Julie stuart - Making Ideas Visible
Wow, it feels like I just started podcasting and I’m already up to episode number, now wait a second, let me get my calculator, tap… tap.. tap.., carry the one, oh yeah there it is – episode three! I know, big milestone right? But it is a big transition to go from “I’m thinking about starting a podcast” to actually have guests planned in advance – it’s exciting too! Especially when you’ve got some interesting guests on deck – and I do 😉

Tomorrow is going to be cool Julie Stuart will be joining me for episode 3 – Julie has a very cool and unique job: she is a visual facilitator, in other words she makes ideas visible. Combine the skills of a meeting facilitator, an illustrator and a mind-mapper – mix them all up with a big smile and you’re getting into Julie’s territory. When I first stumbled across her website I was wowed – I had never heard of anyone doing a job like that before! It takes talent to draw, to move ideas into images, and a lot of people with that talent would run screaming from the room if you asked them to draw while standing in the middle of a room full of people – not to mention a room full of high-powered executives. Julie’s created a brand for herself that is not only unique, but highly effective – she’s notched clients like the CDC, GE Energy, ConAgra and the National Wildlife Federation. You better believe I’m going to ask how she’s taken her talents and woven them into such an effective brand story. You don’t want to miss this one!

For those of you not familiar with Blog Talk Radio, the show is presented live and you can call in with questions. Shortly after the show is done the recording is available to download or stream at your convenience. My show is live Mondays at 10:30am EST and the Call-in Number if you want to ask a question is (347) 989-8132. I hope you’ll chime in!

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Finding empathy in the dark

Finding Empathy In The Dark
Marsha, Thank you for inviting me to tour Dialog in the Dark – it was an extraordinary exhibition and an extraordinary experience. As a visual artist the thought of living without sight is frankly terrifying and it was with no small amount of apprehension that I embarked on the tour, but I am so glad that I have experienced this. To be adrift in the dark was not how I imagined it, the presence of the other members of my group were reassuring and our steadfast guide, Erik, was a true comfort. A beacon in the dark, his voice was our guide and no light was necessary for him to steer us away from danger and into a new appreciation of the palette of our senses and a new gratitude for the one sense that we temporarily set aside for that short time. We were tourists in his world, safe in knowing that ours was just a door and a curtain away, but enriched to have stumbled together in the dark. I hope anyone who might read this will go take part in this moving experience and learn that we don’t need our eyes to see each others’ humanity.


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Stepping up to the mic. Well, the headset, actually.

I’ve taken the plunge and quietly launched a podcast. This is my first time as host of my own show on I’ve been fortunate to be a guest on several podcasts in the past, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely so I figured why not?

For this first time out I discuss two of my staples: the Awful-to-Awesome scale and The Everest Question. For future shows I hope to do less monologues and more interviews. I’ll be foraging for interesting entrepreneurs who have built personal brands based on …unusual blends of skills, unique visions, driving passions and more. I hope you’ll check out this and future shows.

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