On the Air

Well it was a great holiday weekend, and I can definitely say that the highlight for me was sitting in as a guest on Connect Grow Profit Radio. CGP Radio is an Internet radio show and podcast syndicated by BlogTalkRadio.com and hosted by Kathy Smart, CEO of SmarterIdeas, Inc. and co-founder of International Businesss Academies.

Kathy and I had a great time talking about branding and the importance of differentiating your business. Whether your business is a scrappy startup or a Fortune 500 company we touch on some of the basics that can help drive your message home. You don’t need a big budget to tap into the power of clarity and reinforcement. We also squeezed in a plug for Glossitope, which makes me happy. Check out the show if you’re interested: Connect Grow Profit Radio: guest David Cohen.

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