Full of Moon By Doodleslice 2015-07-19 Without glasses The moon provokes me The ball of my left foot itches It will itch for three days But dog breath brings me comfort Even in 95 degrees More comfort than grasping uncontested pillows sweaty and overrated In lonely moonbeams The furry optimist pants Sniffing every noise for a scent That is three days away My itchy-foot marathon continues Restless tip-toeing under serene moonlight Three days running until a dog’s heart-rending optimism explodes into tiny happy bites Three days until she will elbow my rib Steal all the pillows And bask in every dog breath Tonight without my glasses I see The quiet moon wax and wane Confounding me with grace beyond reach of itchy feet or sleepless hearts — #poem #poetry #sleepless #moonlight

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