Earthenware Cone of fertile soil A world entire Seed nestled in dark protection Gathering strength in sweet vermiculite Cleaving the husk The first of many trials Oblivious to the sanctuary of terracotta Brittle and rough Wall, barrier, crib, container Silently mediating the elements Wind, water, earth and sun Tender roots extend Knowing yet no limitations They encounter earthenware Permeable to moisture Not tendrils Cool to the touch Hard but gentle With lullabies for a sleepy seedling Of a world bright Dangerous and dry Beyond the defense Of an unyielding perimeter A green finger probes Scouting above the comfortable loam and peat Discovering the ecstasy of sunlight Sprouting with tender leaves Reaching for the brilliant orb Daring a tiny peak Over the rim of the brick red world Grateful still for the safety of the cradle Leaf upon leaf Sun and water Aphids and mist Branches thicken Resentment grows Coiling in strengthening roots Molded by confinement Hammering in protest On the inside of a flowerpot A crisis of pressure Risking strangulation Where did all the gentle soil go? As root knots root Weeping leaves descend Grasping over crumbling clay Hearing the lore of gossiping breezes Yearning for gardens Glorious green beauty Soundlessly suffocating Above the raveling tangle Worn and weary old earthenware Hard, brittle, still unyielding Offers her final gift A compassionate fracture Whispering to the suffering roots “Break me and be free” And they break her Reaching beyond the clay boundaries Discovering they are many roots Yet one plant And in time In new topsoil Maturing to seed But no matter how far the tendrils grow They are forever molded By the shape of home —- Doodleslice 2021-07-19 #poem #poetry #digitalpainting #flowerpot #terracotta #earthenware

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