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2011-10-27  #1194-lg

TEDxPeachtree 2011 is coming up fast and I’m trying to get ready for
some adjustments I’ll need to make for the day. You see I normally
draw at my desk right smack in front of my keyboard – it is a
decidedly un-feng shui arrangement, but it works for me. I also tend
to work fairly small: 4×6 inches is my norm. However, for
TEDxPeachtree I’ll be working a little bit larger – 8×10 inches – and
using a lap-sized drawing board, so I thought it might make sense to
start practicing on the board and in a larger scale so I’m not too
thrown off my rhythm during the big day. I suppose I could go a step
further towards simulating the auditorium setup that I will be working
in by doing some drawings in a similar setting like a crowded movie
theater, but the light would be terrible and I’d probably spill my

At any rate since it all ends up digital here you might not notice the
difference, but here is the first of a few bigger doodles for ya.


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