A funny flock #doodle


2011-10-15 #1174

Maybe I was little over-fascinated with the movie Dumbo when I was a
kid – or perhaps it was that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he becomes the
Super Rabbit, but I’m awfully fond of seeing all sorts of animals
(especially rabbits) feel as at home in the sky as on the ground.
Doodle physics are so much friendlier to the otherwise flightless.

In other news, a reminder that’s totally unrelated, but topical: some
friends and I are sharing our thoughts and inspiration all this month
as part of the World’s Biggest Summit.
http://www.worldsbiggestsummit.com It’s half over, but there are
still plenty of lessons and interviews to come, and you really can’t
beat the price: free. 🙂

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