The quiet elephant #doodle


2011-07-19 #1130

For some reason I’ve got this idea of the loud bunny stuck in my head.
I guess I like the contradiction of it, real bunnies are SO quiet –
at least vocally. Sometimes they make tiny little grunts or
chattering noises. Of course they have other ways to make noise – you
wouldn’t believe how loud a bunny thump can be on a hardwood floor.
Also, you don’t see bunnies yawn very often, but when they do for a
split second it seems like they are all mouth. Anyway, I think I’m
going to play around with these guys some more and see where they take

This drawing, btw, is not on my usual index card – I thought I would
try a piece of illustration board – 8×10 inches, instead of my usual
4×6 in. Not a bad size, but I’m not sure if I dig the texture of the
board. I like a smoother surface for these.

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