Love is still my superpower #doodle and update on voting for @Threadless


2011-06-23 #1094

And now the waiting begins….

Thank you to everybody who voted for my Threadless design and an extra
hug for all those who commented too! I got 612 votes, which is
awesome, 156 Facebook Likes, and an average score of 2.20 (not as
awesome). I was hoping to score a bit better, but I learned a lot this
first time around. What was really interesting was to see that 76
people gave a score of five and 76 people gave a zero – I had no idea
that a superlove bunny would be so polarizing! Now I have to wait to
see if the scores were good enough to catch the attention of the
Threadless staff – cross your fingers! Oh and I think you can still
comment even though the voting is closed:

Thank you for all the support you guys! You’re awesome!

Doodles and such:

[+][=] Equation Arts, LLC
Adding up to your success.

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