Top 5 marketing lessons from Ol' St. Nick

5. Wear the company uniform with pride. Red with white trim might be a little garish, but it is certainly easy to recognize.

4. Keep your promises. Santa always delivers on time despite the toughest fulfillment schedule in the business.

3. The details matter. Mr. Kringle may only make one list, but he checks it twice.

2. Segment your market. A broad array of elvish production is focused on the “nice” demographic, while only one product line, lumps of coal, is targeted toward the “naughty” segment.

And the number one marketing lesson from that jolly old elf?

1. Use permission marketing. According to the U.N. more than 6 million letters to Santa Claus are expected this year! So tell me – how big is your opt-in list?

Happy Holidays!

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