Are you nodding in agreement or just nodding off?

I’ve posted here before about being the Ambassador of your Brand, but I thought that Seth Godin made a nice point in his blog today (big surprise) that tied in neatly with the concept.  In his post, entitled Always on (everybody markets), he points out that how you act throughout your day, is in itself a form of marketing.  If you’re falling asleep or looking bored during a meeting you are advertising your lack of enthusiasm, and like it or not, that reflects on your personal branding.  There is an old saw that goes “how you practice is how you play” and whether you choose to believe that or not, it is often how you are measured by those around you.  If you consistently project an air of apathy, chances are you will be labeled as an apathetic person — not usually considered a career enhancing trait.

This also points out the importance of the brand ambassador’s job to communicate:  if you are yawning in the conference room because you’ve been pulling all-nighters to meet a critical deadline, then don’t be reluctant to politely share that fact.  Better to be thought of as someone who might be tooting his/her own horn a little bit, than to be perceived as someone too bored to stay awake, or worse, labeled as someone who just doesn’t care.

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