Live from Barcamp pt. 3 — Facebook apps.

This session is packed!  Had to move to a bigger room.  speaker [Ididn’t get his name ]   is going to show a flickr app he is working [ speaker is Chris Martin]  – [sorry for the messy posting – typing and listening]
The blow-by-blow:

Shows his Facebook profile – has numerous plug-ins app.   Wanted to bring more value to the photo sharing experience, so modeled on pre-existing facebook photo app.  Loads photos from Flickr and pulls them into his facebook app – all metadata is coming from flickr.
Using Facebook as a data store — cross posts comments, etc between both environments.

Info on

Next generation apps — finding socially useful applications.

What are the tools for developers:  Programming whatever language you choose,  — He wrote his stuff in PHP.  It is a big API — all code sits on your own server.  You can write in but you have to putput FBML [facebook markup languageng]  also fql — Facebook query language.  Client libraries for various platforms and languages.

The demo app they give you shows the most restrictive process possible with Facebook.

You spit out markup that Facebook runs through an interpreter before it gets presented to the end user.

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