Getting started at Barcamp – OpenID

[Live blogging from Atlanta Barcamp] Okay, arrived late at Barcamp. Loitered about the name tag station fo a while chatting with a guy named Viktor, a front-end web developer. Amber and Rusty turned up and told us the food was on the parking deck roof. Viktor and I swam upstream against the non-tardy Barcampers in search of BBQ. Good eats and nice sunset on the roof. Then back to the third floor for more milling about and deciding which sessions to attend.

Looks like a great turn out. I’m sitting in the OpenID session now. a few hiccups with the wireless, but the session is getting on track and the Q&A is revving up. (always the best part). Phishing fears seems to be a big issue with OpenID. The simplicity is exactly what makes it scary. The demo is centered around a site: which is being used to show OpenID in action. Social engineering can manipulate an end user to give up their ID in a nefarious site.

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