Have a nice day 2.0

A friend of mine has taken to closing his email with statements like “I’m having a great day, because I chose that.” or “Have the day you choose.” At first it struck me as a little bit of a heavy dip into the self-help genre, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  I know for myself there have been times when how I chose to react to an event or obstacle made a huge difference in the eventual outcome.  My friend’s email salutation helps remind the folks that he interacts with that choosing to take a positive view and to separate stimuli from disposition are habits that we can learn and practice.  The more people who put the habit into practice, the better the world becomes.  It’s a prosumerist’s “Have a nice day”.   And it just might be viral: today my morning status update on Facebook was “David Cohen is choosing to have a great day”, and it may seem corny, but I have to say that typing it in and hitting submit felt pretty darn good.  Now here’s the tricky bit – a few moments ago, I had a lousy phone call, and learned some disappointing news.  Instead of sulking I decided to write this post, and in doing so I got back into that positive mindset that I felt when I wrote that status update this morning.  My great day is back on track – because I chose that. Pass it on.

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