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Icarus in Green

I guess I’ve had Icarus on the brain lately. Last night I attended a wonderful event, an Icarus Session, which was the brainchild of Seth Godin and hosted locally here in Atlanta by Judi Knight at her Urban Oasis. It was a fabulous night – I think just about everyone was a fan of Seth Godin’s work, but more important than that, most of the people there got up in front of the room and talked about the passion behind what they do. This was a night of discussing and sharing the art you do, whether you happen to be an artist or not. There were singers, coaches, yoga instructors, non-profit leaders, web designers, painters, landscapers, soldiers, etc. and all revealed a glimpse of their journey and vulnerability. It was enriching and refreshing.

But that’s not the only Icarus thing I’ve been preoccupied with – I’ve been working on this poem for a while now, and I thought I might share it here today as well:

Icarus in Green
by David Cohen 2013-01-02

every verse weaves
another feather into the armature of wax and green branches.

I grow bolder as the plumage thickens turning my arms into wings
Light and strong enough to dare the sky
now aloft,
Am I not Icarus reborn?

I stretch, I soar, arms burning, giddy
hungry for her unquenchable fire
the Sun
my radiant unreachable marble

composing line after rhyme I grasp for the living, life-giving inferno
a verbal photosynthesis
my wings of grass beat beat beat
greening for altitude

I sweat, not with the effort
but the broil

a feather falls as wax softens
but I compose green new feathers to keep me aloft
Thrust abundant in the wax
beat after feet
line after rhyme

Climb! Son of Daedalus, climb!
Climb! Above the gray clouds!
Bask now in the heat of eternity’s fire!
Pound your emerald wings!
Pound your pink thumbs on this tiny keyboard.
Pound until the last feather falls

A green blizzard is coming
a sudden final molting as the warm wax liquifies and runs

Oh treacherous wax!
Oh melty melty wax!

I, Icarus 2.0, fall again.
And even falling I belch green feathers of rhyme
Slapping them to the barren contraption,
They find no purchase
The sticky residue no longer sticky enough

And still I fall
And hit save

But my lines linger
Wafting slowly down
their fate no less certain,
all shall fall as I, to the oblivion of the sea
But no feather falls as fast as I

And perhaps yet a fine feathered line will tickle the fancy of a passing breeze
and ride upon her whim,
floating onward by some smiling zephyr’s grace,

Float on, my green wafting child
Float on

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A visit with The Passionate Entrepreneur

I recently had a great time visiting with Kenneth Brown, The Passionate Entrepreneur. Ken is a multi-media machine so I was delighted when he invited me for an interview session on his BlogTalkRadio podcast. You can check it out here:

I’ve actually been considering giving the BlogTalkRadio format a try, perhaps even doing some live “Brand Therapy” sessions to give listeners some insights into what I call the Whole Brand ThinkingTM process. I’d love to hear from you if you like the idea, or if you think you might be interested in being the subject of such a session.

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Stars in our eyes – Ideablob award to Atlanta entrepreneur

Thanks to my friend, Mike Schinkel, I spent last Friday evening at a cool little awards ceremony hosted at the Fernbank Science Center.   The event was a special gathering to recognize a local entrepreneur and PhD candidate, Jessica Hammock, and to present her with a photo-op-ready oversized check for $10,000 to help her lauch her new business idea.   Jessica is developing a business, called Project Epiphany, to help urban kids learn about astronomy and give them a chance to do real field observations with professional equipment and far enough outside the city lights to be able to actually see something in the night sky.   Sounds like a great idea, and it is one of many businesses receiving funding through an innovative program inspired and funded by Advanta, called Ideablob.   In their own words:

Ideablob.com is a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs who bounce ideas off each other. They give feedback, advice and much-needed encouragement. Every month, the community votes on the best idea. The winner gets $10,000 to help their idea grow.

Check out their site and join in to congratulate and support Jessica Hammock, our local winner.

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Senior Care Wine and Art Auction

Happy Thoughts

I’ve been on a roll lately with opportunities to put my artwork out into the world.  This next display has the added plus of being for a good cause:  raising money for the Senior Care and Activities Center in Montclair, NJ.  On March 7th they will be holding a wine and art auction to help raise money and to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.  For more information visit their web site or call 973-783-5589 Ext. 12.  I will have a handful of pieces for sale to help the cause, along with several other artists.  A special shout-out goes to Jacklyn Kling of KlingArts for her work curating the show, and to my dad for being my biggest fan and keeping me informed about these things.

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