Whole Brand Thinking™ with sQuishiepuss

I’ve recently embarked on a fascinating journey taking local Atlanta artist Ray Geier, aka sQuishiepuss through my Whole Brand Thinking™ coaching process.

He’s calling the series “Discovering Myself with Doodleslice” and so far we’ve recorded parts 1, 2, and 2.5.

This is an in depth discussion that probes into Ray’s origin and several other contributing factors that are actively shaping his brand. The goal of the process is to give Ray more insights into his own personal drivers and to develop a clearer story as a result.

So far we’ve recorded almost 4 hours of conversation, split into three videos, recorded in two sessions. That puts us at about the halfway point so watch for more content to come in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, here are the videos so far:

Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 1

Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 2

Discovering myself with Doodleslice part 2.5

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You can also listen in to sQuishiepuss on iTunes!

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