The Vampire’s Bicycle Since he slept in a coffin Count Dracula would often Awaken stiff with rigor And in need of some vigor To amend this condition It became his tradition To ride a bike for an hour Other cyclists would cower To see him undead and thin Riding a demonic Schwinn Looking for a throat to bleed As he shifted his ten speed Van Helsing dared not meddle With the Count on the pedal Until one fateful dark night That gave the vampire such fright He abandoned the riding And went back into hiding You see it’s easy to choke I mean it’s really no joke When a vampire in his cloak Finds himself snagged on a spoke So Nosferatu beware When you go out for some air Remember this little oath Choose bike or cape, but not both ___ 2021-10-26 By Doodleslice #poem #poetry #poetrylovers #halloween #spooky #dracula #vampire #silly #folderol #doodleslice #bicycle #bike #cycling

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