Somebody’s somebody Somebody’s somebody Looked in a mirror Broken long ago Silver-backed glass Filmed with dust Graying a haunted light Ghosts see more clearly Laughter and cares Legible in studied lines Perhaps not earned But acquired nonetheless On somebody’s face Nobody’s scared of ghosts That study faces They cannot touch Gray apparitions Graying the hair Nobody’s anybody combs Bound in slivers Dropped from web lines Where nobody punched anybody’s reflection How do the ghosts hold the glass together? Dropping but a few judgmental shards Through hazy fingers Somebody’s somebody Looks through holes in the spiderweb Haunting dreams Nobody’s anybody Wakes in the morning Cut but not bleeding Who is the ghost? Who remembers the ghost? Somebody’s somebody Nobody’s anybody Everybody fades ___ 2021-10-04 By Doodleslice #poem #poetry #ghosts #mirrors #haunted

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