Buttered Toast Before this sunny day You’d never hear me say That I prefer the night But today gave me such fright At my breakfast table A sight to disable The guts and wits and knees Of anyone who sees A spectral gaping maw Describes the thing I saw A hungry, greedy ghost Crunch-crunching buttered toast Watching a phantom munch Makes for a frightful brunch And now my dreadful hunch Is it will stay for lunch This guest unexpected Has left me dejected Oh give me back the night Free from this dreadful fright Perhaps an exorcist Can make the ghoul desist… End it! This breakfast of the damned End it! My hell of toast and jam ___ 2021-10-12 By Doodleslice #poem #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poetsociety #ghost #toast #doodleslice

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