Fire Trying to start a fire By rubbing my regrets together Soggy sparks Defy ignition Damp kindling Offers no protection From feral beasts sniffing decay At the edges of my camp Edging closer In moonless darkness Predators know the difference Between howls and moans City dwellers cower In lonely lobbies Coughing ambiguously Sensing unnamed dangers Business casual camouflage Cloaks civilized beasts Prowling a sunlit jungle Stalking their scented prey Back in my campground Night-blind and encircled I frantically rub Two appliances together Finally a fire starts As dawn breaks I howl against the fading night And moan at the rising day The fire The hungry fire Whickers precariously Too hungry to roar ___ 2021-09-16 By Doodleslice #poetrycommunity #poem #poetry #fire #doodleslice

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