Reposting for International Cat Day Cat The serious cat is seldom that She takes a nap with twitch and snap But not to rest Tightly coiled and slightly spoiled A drowsy ball of rumbles never grumbles But watches with closed eyes Paw pads of pink will make you think Tummy rubs are safe But they aren’t She’ll cultivate disdain for snowy days and rain And glory in rays of sunny sunlight But for hours Staring at blank walls meowing tiny calls Peeking through centuries past and future But never at supper Midnight crazies belie the lazies Sprinting across bannisters and shelves But the enemy is unseen And on your lap she springs her trap A sultry nap while claws gently pierce your knees But you are content And she is cat. By Doodleslice 2018-02-21 #cat #poem #kitten #kitty #internationalcatday

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