Cephalopodium Poets live a life submerged Blanketed in aquamarine Changing hues at every glance Evading painful visibility Ever drawn to the solitude of crevices But take heed, dear explorer To wander beyond kelp and coral Swimming in a poet’s murky grotto Is to risk innocence and armor Entangled in coiling tentacles Netted in the poet’s cunning lattice Woven with kelp and metaphor You’re overcome by pressing currents Unrelentingly requesting Your last precious breath Emboldened by your predicament The impish poet uncoils Shrugs eight shoulders Squirts ink in your eyes Apologetically whispers, “suckers” And jets back into the gloom —— By Doodleslice 2021-08-30 #poem #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #cephalopod #octopus #tentacles #underwater

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