A drawing and poem that ended up in my book, Color Me With Hugs. If you dig it, you can get the whole book by following the profile links, or use the shortcut https://ift.tt/2Owh0LS or just search for Doodleslice on Amazon 😊❤️👍thank you! Feel What You Feel . Hey! What’s your deal? I feel what I feel: . I’m angry! I’m sad! I’m happy! I’m mad! Up to no good! Misunderstood! Full of remorse! Par for the course! . With feeling I’m reeling From floorboard to ceiling Not faking or spieling Just squealing and dealing . So… If they tell you you shouldn’t That polite people wouldn’t Or you must clamp the feels down And squeeze a smile from a frown . Remember… Feelings are yours They’re real and their swell Let them wash through you Give in to their spell Some make you giggle Some make you seethe And when you’re done with ’em Take time to breathe . Yes remember, remember, remember the deal It’s okay to be real ’bout the feelings you feel . . === . By Doodleslice 2017-04-26 cmwh 45 .#colormewithhugs #poetry #poem #poetsofig #elephant #feelings #poetsofinstagram @ Atlanta, Georgia

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