Let’s Talk Let’s Talk About Happiness I look for it on dusty shelves And find it on sun spattered rocks In balanced equations Splashed across a canvas Enveloped in preoccupation Let’s Talk About Love It’s everywhere You probably just stepped in some Look down, it’s flown away Look up, it’s dashed around a corner It bumped into you It conked you on the head And you didn’t even notice It’s in soup All the invisible hands that help you up All the well-meant shackles that hold you down You try on a thousand ill-fitting socks And weep at the void left when their absence becomes a mirror These socks are too tight I yearn for your hosiery Silken memories misremembered Perhaps deliberately Is that love or its echo reverberating in yon empty canyon? Let’s Talk About Loneliness A song I sing to myself About myself A cozy blanket that never warms Let’s Talk About Dogs Heart bursting microexplosions of joy And bad breath Therapeutic nuisances With nails that need trimming Unambiguous greetings They know what gathering news smells like Like us, they gather it anyway Let’s Talk About Nothing I’m happy I’m lonely I’m loved and I ache for love C’mon boy, let’s go for a walk — Doodleslice 2021-07-14

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