Extra Crispy By Doodleslice 2015-07-12 Resonant potato chips Astounded by sunlight Live short eventful journeys From bag to mouth Leaving salt Upon the God-hand Their legacy But a savory residue Terrible is the God-mouth Beautiful moist abyss Consort of Fingers, Consumer of Souls Her lashing tongue extinguishes all Ancient ones remain Broken, clinging flakes Singing legends of renewal Beyond the crumpling of the universe In the lore of the old crumbles God-hand returns to her toils God-mouth rests, now sated But even oblivion is transient For there will be stillness And the stillness will yearn And the yearning will grow Until the cycle of the new bag And the bag will open And all chips will be unbroken And they will lay in the great bowl Astounded by the Sun —

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