and in this circle 2013-07-03 by Doodleslice . and in this becoming that we do here again in step with again in cadence . on the perimeter above the circle of our dear departed or below every diameter cuts every diameter cleaves equal halves equal whole uniformly divided . living for semicircles living for time living: C-shaped C-sick C-saw . and I can’t march that way anymore and I can’t march that way and I won’t march . I won’t march your way today . and in this circle a dancer sounds her barbaric yawp a wordless ripple of muscle and dreams S-shaped . no, not S-shaped but wiggly and dangerous like freedom like improvisation like fighting for your life . and in this circle the straightest line . . === . Inspired by @christineserfozo . #poem #poet #poetry #poems #atlarts #poetsofinstagram #art #digitalart #remix #dancer #dance #dancing #throwback #waltwhitman #doodleslice

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