The Button Somewhere there’s a button A lever A switch Somewhere there’s an aching A bruising An itch Fetch me an ointment Find me a balm Is there no salve to keep the boy calm? Dithering and posturing Frogs in neckties Slithering and slathering Roll calls and nay ayes The seesaw is loaded The fulcrum is cracked Embargoed with cargo Yet tidily stacked The plank is a-bending A-creaking and croaking Somewhere Mr. Toad Is in his pond soaking Fetch me a tonic A nostrum, a cure Tweedledum sits up slanted But Archimedes stands pure Fetch him a rod Pick away the wart Give him some room Don’t sell the lad short And if I might pry Just what are we doing? Grinding the bench As the tempest is brewing Tweedledee is content Just chewing his cud Found a red potion But sadly a dud Pushing a button I found on the floor Eureka! I found it! But what is it for? Archimedes shines forth To give us a nudge Alas the rod breaks And the Earth doesn’t budge For want of a frog A fly lands in my ointment No one to blame But such disappointment Somewhere there’s a meaning A rhythm A rhyme Someday I will find out Just give me more time But now up to bed I totter and teeter To dream of the world But just a toad sweeter… My dream in the darkness: Old toad hops on a seat And the seesaw finds balance Now wouldn’t that be neat? —— Doodleslice 2021-05-09 #poem #art #poetry #digitalart #illustration #digitalillustration #toad #frog #buttons #levers #seesaw #archimedes #leverage #rhyme #poetsofig #atlart #atlpoet

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