Inspired by one dance performance and reminded of by another… Entrance Entrance trance Deltoid forks Knitting fibers of air And crowd Sprinklers of electric sweat Beckon the colonialists Kinesthetic sirens Irresistibly lure our ships into deep still waters Yet no safe distance In the eddies and froth of barefoot rocks Intensifying spigot Arcs of strength Invitation rsvPOP! Iron grains weld improbable angles Silent radiation consuming pleasant conversation Leaving inhale and exhale stunned motionless Too still to be a participant Too spellbound to be audience Recitation A mousetrap spring snapping conversation Tweaking your nose The dance invades your polite pose Polarity snaps Granules hop and lean Cornered in a sensate conspiracy Craving the comfort of the herd I didn’t know when I was supposed to applaud So I came back … #poem #poetry #dance #moderndance #choreography #gloatl #atldance #atlarts #artsatl #poetsofinstagram #atlpoetry @gloatl #movement #socialmovement

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