Ease and Comfort . Comfort’s in a cushion And a piping hot meal Comfort’s under a quilt Sewn in red, gold, and teal Comfort’s in the people Who put you at your ease When your world’s all shaken And you quake to your knees . All people need comfort Even those you think don’t Some know to ask for it Sadly some people won’t Yet people need comfort If not now, then someday Some need hugs and your ear No matter what they may say . So remember to ask When you’re ground by life’s wheels For ease and sweet comfort When you feel all the feels And if in your travels You perchance can spread ease May kindness surround you Like green leaves crown the trees . . === . By Doodleslice 2017-04-25 cmwh 30 .You could be coloring this picture. It’s another excerpt from Color Me With Hugs – available on Amazon. Follow my profile links or just put doodleslice.com/book in your browser. 😊❤️ #coloringbook #colormewithhugs #love #comfort #poetry #poem #poetsofig

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