Because Magic . In a garden ‘neath curling vines Lives the source of valentines A unicorn named Silverbold Who’s heart is young, yet very old . In her magic glade he doth delve Since long before the Earth was twelve And if he’s yellow, red, or green No one knows because no one’s seen . But if you imagined a horse With a mystical horn of course And colored her like a song I don’t think you’d get him wrong . Unicorn With your horn Do not scorn My plea . Unicorn Sound your horn Call my love To me . Silverbold you are so rare And tend to vanish in the air But on this mortal have a care And grant my wish for love to share . . === . By Doodleslice 2017-04-15 cmwh 51 An excerpt from Color Me With Hugs, my poetry + coloring book available on Amazon. Just go to and you’ll be redirected to the Amazon page. 👍❤️ #coloringbook #colormewithhugs #unicorn #love #poem #poetry #poetsofinstagram #magic #doodleslice #poetrybook #chapbook

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