Instagram – December 29, 2014 at 06:12PM

By Doodleslice

One million leaves of glass

Green, black-green
Grasping steps ring soundlessly
Pacing measureless groves

Winking starlight traces our luminous contours
Five years, ten years, thirty or was it longer?

Yesterday’s ambitions
Choral bells of love and triumph
An overture
A dirge
The adman’s jingle

Immobilized in memories and darkness

Infinite gears of heaven,
Too fine of tooth to ever tick,
Never cease

And black-green comes to gray-green
And gray-green to yellow

One billion suns scattered
Dissipating across morning dew
Sol waxing indifferently
Burning away the twinkling jingling mist

Each immaculate new day
Each tattered, ancient night

Starlit. — #poem #art #bunny
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