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An Alphabet of Sorts
by Doodleslice 2014-03-24

A is for Tomato or so I am told,
B is for Pudding, but not in the cold,
C drove to Fresno and dug a log hollow,
D is for after, or before or to follow.

E is for Mice that chitter and chatter,
F is for Moths that flitter and flatter,
Gee all my thoughts are clear as my broth,
I can’t wait to see what the H hath wroth.

I is for Gumdrop – the spicier the better,
J is for Postman who knits me my sweater,
Oh K, I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re for,
Please sit in that corner and go to the store.

L makes a difference no matter what you eat,
M is for Pajamas, but only with feet,
N is my friend who I stick with a pin,
Don’t mind the mess, oh do please come in.

Oh O, Oh O, Oh O, Oh poo,
I forgot what word starts with a U
But I still have time to think of a few
And O is for Lint that swims in your stew.

P helps me affix all my stamps,
Q helps me ascend all my ramps,
R is for Xylophone, obviously,
And S is as rare as a letter can be.

T is for Gravy as any diner will tell you,
Don’t look for U, it’s not on the menu,
V is for Chocolate Cake, yes that’s true,
And W is for Milk when the date is past due.

X is my favorite because it is for Me,
Y is my Favorite because it is for Thee,
Z is my favorite because it is for Love,
And now I am done, thank sevens above!

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