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A Lullaby
2014-02-02 by Doodleslice

Close your eyes, hush your sighs
A land beyond knowing
Is where we are going
A-drifting and rowing
Under starlight’s disguise

Far away, on our way
In dreams we will travel
Where puzzles unravel
A steed with no saddle
Shall saunter by your side

Red and green, King and Queen,
With courtly precision
Declare their decision
To free from their prison
The bravest and the wise

Near to shore, stow that oar
Don’t disturb the flowers
Darkest are the hours
Until you learn powers
Of moonbeam and sunrise

Here we are, come so far
And no further to row
Dreamland of glitter’s glow
Above you and below
So sleep now, hush your sighs

This land beyond knowing
Is farther than far
You can’t get here by foot
Or a train, bus or car
But shut your eyes darling
And breath in the night air
Soon you will arrive child
And you won’t have a care
For farther than away
Is never quite so near
As when you shut your eyes
Child, and dream you are here.

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