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There is another side
2014-01-19 by Doodleslice

I wish I could strum like Richie Havens
And sing like Joni Mitchell

On the other side

In my pantry
Motherless cans of unsalted corn
And blue black beans

Acoustic daydreams
Honest perspiration
High fiber and it’s a gas

Another side
Is stardust

Imagining the color of your petals
Is the privilege of seeds
And the envy of serious old thorns

High winds descend
To bend heartbroken roses
Who thought they would be in a crystal vase by now

Another side
Has a hard shell

Alas the big yellow yolk
Is on the rooster:

If the chicken came first
the shell is the universe

If the egg came first
the chicken is a high flying bird

Another side
Is step-a-

By the way

My fingers fucking hurt
And I croak like a frog

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